CMTA Programs

Educational Programs for Youth

Colouring Competitions:

First Responders Day Colouring Competition













Our first program is a colouring sheet that depicts the Afghanistan War Monument in Grande Prairie Alberta.

Colouring helps children develop a number of skills:

Hand eye coordination, motor skills, improved hand writing, self esteem, creativity, education and language are just a few.

Colouring also allows us to educate on complex topics like respect, sacrifice and service in a fun and non threatening way.

Paul Jamiol is the creator of the "Bikers are Animals" series of childrens books and he is the creator of the line art for our colouring page.

Our first use of this line art will be on September 15th, 2018 at the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch No 54's First Responders Day.

Grande Prairie Regional Tourism is sponsoring the crayons and A & W is sponsoring prizes for the participants and age category winners.


Grade School Programs: 

The CMTA is partnered with the Loyal Edmonton Regiment Museum and is working towards the creation of programs that will teach our youth (Grades 4-6) on what it was like to be a Northwestern Alberta, Canadian Soldier!

OPERATION: Soldier Education Kits

These programs will be contained in rentable totes and will feature a teachers manual, a students manual, an activities list and artifacts from the appropriate War.

We look forward to rolling out these programs beginning in late 2019.


Educational Programs for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

 Learn2 is an online learning platform that allows us to deliver workshops created by Corporate Training Materials.

These courses cover topics like:

  • Customer Service
  • Customer Support
  • Boby Language Basics
  • Telephone Ettiquette
  • Event Planning and more!

 We have 130+ courses that we are going to be adding to the e-learning platform, many of them will be free or severely discounted for our industry members.

 We have also developed, with the aide of the motorcycle community in Canada, a small series of courses on "How to be Rider Friendly".

These courses are meant for the staff and management of hotels, motels, beds & breakfasts, convenience stores and campgrounds.

Our first course, "Being Rider Friendly for Campground Operators" rolls out September 3rd, 2018.


Educational Programs for Riding Clubs, Associations, Charities and Non Profits 

 If your riding club, association, charitiy or non profit holds motorcycle events, then our FREE Motorcycle Event Planning Guide will be a must have in your tool chest!

Created with the help of our regional Tourism association, local and regional fire, police, health and liquor board agencies, and riding clubs the Motorcycle Event Planning Guide comes complete with samples of Poker Run Forms, Ride Waivers, Rodeo Games and their equipment lists and much more!

This manual and it's appendix's are available for free to our Industry members.


We offer special webinars and online e-learning courses for those who would like to hone their skills.

 You can also join our event co-ordinators group once your association is an industry member.

Events for all Citizens (visit our Events Calendar for details):

Aboriginal Veterans Day - November 8th, 2018


Remembrance Day - November 11th, 2018


Join us at the Calgary Motorcycle Show, Jan 4-6, 2019


Join us at the Edmonton Motorcycle Show, Jan 11 -13, 2019


It's ALL About the Kids Day - June 1st, 2019  from 11 AM to 5 PM

Run to the Hills Memorial Rally - Vendors Alley - July 12-14, 2019

Special pricing for CMTA and RFBA Member Businesses!!!!


Wayside Fallen Riders Memorial Park's Monument Unveiling July 13th, 2019


Airdrie Bikes & Bulls Rumble on The Runway - Vendors Alley - July 26-28 

Special pricing for CMTA and RFBA Member Businesses!!!!

For more information on our programs and events, please contact:

Renee Charbonneau - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.