Bob Ross

CMTA President

Bob Ross 

Bob Ross is the Co - Founder of the Run to the Hills Memorial Rally and Wayside Fallen Riders Park.

Remembering the lives of those motorcyclists who have gone before us is the theme of the rally and the memorial gardens. Many motorcyclists have their ashes scattered to the wind leaving family and friends with no place to go for reflection and remembrance.

Wayside Fallen Riders Park gives family members, loved ones and riding clubs and associations a place of reflection and remembrance.

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Sheila Willis
Sheila Willis

Sheila receives Outstanding Achievement Award
from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation 2018

CMTA Vice President

Sheila Willis 

Sheila Willis is the CEO of Impact Tourism and former Executive Director of the Friends of Historical Northern Alberta Society. Sheila is also the brains behind the History Check App, an app that helps tourists discover Northern Alberta in a way that no other app can!

She received an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Alberta Historical Resources Foundation for her work to preserve history and educate Alberta.

Sheila brings with her a wealth of talents that include archive management, research and marketing.

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Ann Holden

CMTA Secretary

Ann Åsfrid Holden

Ann Åsfrid Holden works for the Planning Department in the Municipal District of Lesser Slave River. Ann Åsfrid was born and raised in Norway, but after meeting her spouse in a youth hostel in Amsterdam, she immigrated to Canada. Ann Åsfrid has an MA from the University of Lethbridge in environmental history, which is the studies of human interaction with the land over time, emphasizing the active role nature plays in influencing human affairs and vice versa. She lives on an acreage with her spouse, two daughters, and varying number of farm animals. Ann loves to travel has been to approximately 25 countries. To find unique places and hidden gems is exciting - and that is what she hopes this organization can do for travelers.

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CMTA Treasurer

Angie Neal-Anshelm

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Renee Charbonneau
Renee Charbonneau

Dame in the Order of St George (DStG)

Investiture into the Order of St George

September 29th, 2018
St George's Cathedral
Kingston, Ontario

CMTA Executive Director

Renee Charbonneau

Renee Charbonneau, grew up in a military family and has been a member of the Canadian Army Veterans Motorcycle Units for 16 years.

An avid motorcyclist who spent a lot of time in the hospitality industry, Renee brings with her a wealth of knowledge.

Through the years she has visited many veterans memorial gardens and monuments, many that pay tribute to those lost during the Afghanistan War and realized that Northwestern Alberta did not have benefit of a memorial gardens that celebrates the service and sacrifice of soldiers from the NW AB region. 

Motorcyclists come from all walks of life and many are veterans.  

We put a heavy emphasis on Veterans & Remembrance.

Many veterans ride motorcycles as the act of riding helps them deal with operational stress injuries such as PTSD. 

Veterans Memorial Gardens will host many events and ceremonies in the coming years and many of them will include veterans who are also motorcyclists.

Hence why Veterans Memorial Gardens and the Afghanistan War Monument were two projects this organization has taken on.