Happy Valentines Day - hug your motorcycle!

Hey Teara, nice to have you here!

Teara Judge Thank you sweetheart 5 days ago

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The day in the mall went well- 3 new members, $80 in donations, a number of silent auction items!!!!

Dave Carritt - your gas card is on it's way - had the flu for a few days, first day I have ventured out!

Oh my oh my are things looking up!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS TO Dave Carritt of Red Deer for winning the $50 Gas Card in our Monthly Paid Members Only Draw! Congrats Dave!

Oh Folks I am so excited and grateful - Secure Energy has agreed to buy us a BBQ for our outdoor kitchen at Veterans Memorial Gardens & Interpretive... Show more

Welcome Robin!

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We are only days away from our next $50 Gas Card Giveaway. If your membership was purchased in Edmonton or Calgary of last year - you need to renew... Show more