Project Needs List

Our Needs List:

Memory Benches: $6,500 (10 required)

Have your community, county or nations name and message to our soldiers, silver cross families and killed in action soldiers inscribed on a black granite memory bench. (3 Lines of text total)


Trees & Shrubs: $275

Sponsor one of 45 trees or 90 shrubs that we need for these gardens and we will put a plaque at the foot of the tree with your communities or nations message of inspiration and gratitude. We need half of these items in 2019 and half in 2020.

Irrigation and Other Gardening Needs:

Bulbs, annuals and perennial - $2,500 - $3,000

Irrigation & water containment system installed - Approx $15,000

Memorial Panels: $275 per Memorial.

These 18” x 12” panels tell the stories and history of our Killed in Action Regional Soldiers from the East border of Opportunity County to the BC Border and from Grande Cache to the Northwest Territory Border.

Each panel represents not only a soldier who gave up their life, but the family that was left behind to mourn them. In all we have discovered some 300+ regional killed in action soldiers.

The first 75 panels are funded and will be installed in the gardens in late June/July.

Indigenous Memorial Panels: (Because they will be written in three languages, English, French & their traditional language; Cree, Beaver, Dene or Michif - they are more expensive to create than the regular panels as they need to be bigger, and the translations to traditional languages are very expensive) To sponsor the Indigenous Memorials, please contact our executive director, Renee Charbonneau directly (780) 933-0182. (We begin the research stage for these memorials in earnest in January of 2020 due to the granting cycle.) We need matching funds for the research portion and matching funds for the creation of these memorials in order to apply.


There are 8 gardens that we will be creating and each garden has a specific meaning or a specific group of people it is honouring, we would like to have 10 sculptures in the Animals of War garden of birds, horses, dogs, cats, camels, donkeys etc. We’d also like a lantern to contain an eternal light in the garden designated to honour the soldiers of suicide.  In our Indigenous Gardens, we will need sculptures of a bear, a beaver, a wolf, an eagle, a buffalo, and a wapiti which are shared symbols of the Canadian Military & Indigenous Peoples. In all we have need of approximately 12-16 animal sculptures & one eternal light. Perhaps you have a local wood or stone sculptor that you would like to sponsor to provide an item for our gardens. Please contact our executive director directly so that you can discuss the needs and possibilities.  (780) 933-0182

Paving and river stone walkways:

We are looking for a sponsor who will help create walking paths through the gardens. Approx $15,000

Solar Lighting:

We are looking for a sponsor to help us with the cost of solar lighting for the gardens pathways.

Approx $7,500

Windows, Wheelchair Accessible Entry & Skirting:

The “floor to ceiling” windows that we want to have installed for the front of the building cost $7,500 + $2,500 for the install. The wheelchair accessible entry estimate is $7,500  - to create the ramp, railing, widen the entry, new door, sweep etc plus labour. Skirting all the way around In total Approx $17,500

Barn Doors:

Big Doors on a slider rail to cover the floor to ceiling windows up at night. Approx $2,500

Chain Link Fencing:

Approx $21,000

Partially Sponsored by Canadian Legion of Riders

Concrete for Sidewalks:

6610 sq.ft. concrete need 70m3 32 MPA - Approx $25,000

174 tonne gravel 3/4 crush delivered - Approx $6,000

350 pc of 10mm 20 ft. rebar - Approx $4,000

Labour - $16,000

Approx $51,000

Sound & CCTV System:

Approx  $18,000 installed.

Partially sponsored by MD Greenview

Sea Can for Storage + it’s delivery:  Approx $6,500

We require a seaworthy sea can with two - roll up doors on the 20’ side - 20’ long by 8’ wide.

(Insulated with lights would be amazing)

Furniture & Equipment: $25,000

Tables, chairs, pop cooler, microwave, coffee maker, water dispenser + water contract, garbage cans, serving utensils, some pots, pans, coffee cups, cutlery.


Install $9,600 + Materials of $1,500 = $11,100

Hook-Up - SPONSORED by Magnum Electric


Natural Gas:

Install and Hook up $4,500

Self Contained Water & Sewage System (Insulated and heated):

Approx $25,000


Shadow Boxes, LED lighting, Military Paraphernalia, Photos etc. Approx $15,000

Dempsey Dumpster:

A small 2 yard dumpster + contract for refuse removal


There are always expenses that you did not factor into a project or items whose prices increase drastically from the time when you built your proposal and plan to the time when you are in a position to enact it!

Cash is always welcome!


Please visit our sponsors page to see the various sponsor thank you’s we offer.

We are always pleased to work with our sponsors and supporters to find creative and innovative ways to ensure recognition is given. 



With the participation of the Government of Canada.

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